Environment Emulation System

EES 4667


A unique Europe-wide climatic chamber enables the simulation of all relevant climatic factors having an impact on the genome, the transcriptome, the proteome and the metabolome of cells. 

Plants, cell cultures or microorganisms can be brought to the climate chamber EES 4667, where they can be subjected to an individually adjustable combination of different environmental conditions:

  • Temperature: -40°C to 140°C
  • Humidity: 10% rH at -40°C up to 100%
  • Pressure: min. 200ha (>8000 altitude)
  • Gas mixes: CO2, O2, N2, ozon
  • Light: daylight earth, UV-light
  • Salt vaporization in a separate chamber

The conditions in the chamber can be kept static for hours to days or changed in cycles. Three decoupled chambers allow the performance of time-series without disturbing of the experimental run during the sampling. 

The extraction of gas mixes during the experiment is possible. Sensors in the climate chamber enable the measuring of water availability and temperature inside the sample material. Experiments can be finished "hot", what means, that there are no changes of the cells during the cooling process or other normalizations and the cell material is ready for further analysis.


The system can also be used for the treatment of different materials (artificial aging).