ION PGM™ System

for Next-Generation Sequencing


The Ion PGM™ Sequencer performs real-time measurements of hydrogen ions produced during DNA replication. Ion semiconductor chips employ a massively parallel array of semiconductor sensors to directly translate genetic information (DNA) to digital information (DNA sequence). This groundbreaking technology enables rapid and scalable sequencing across a range of applications. 


The Ion PGM™ Sequencer produces the fastest results of any benchtop next-generation sequencer, offering a one-day workflow for most applications. Because of the rapid cycle times possible with semiconductor sequencing, Ion PGM™ Sequencer runs are complete in as little as 30 minutes for 35 base runs on an Ion 314™ Chip, and only 4.5 hours for 200 base runs (up to 1 Gb of output) on a Ion 318™ Chip. Ion fragment libraries can be prepared in as little as 2 hours.  


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