ION Proton™  

Bench top Next-Generation Sequencing



Based on the Ion Torrent technology, the ION PROTON™ allows the sequencing from up to 10 gigabases (GB) per run.

The ION PROTON System is suitable for the sequencing of the whole genome, metagenome, amplicon, transcriptome and exome. The current read length is 400 bp. 

Before starting the sequencing on the chip some steps are necessary:

  • Production of DNAseq or RNAseq library by Library Builder™ System
  • Production of templates by Ion OneTouch™ System or automated template prep with the ION Chef™ System

The workflow from DNA or RNA extraction to sequencing takes about 4 days, in which the sequencing itself takes 2-4 hours. 

There are several specific kits for the different applications.

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