For commissioned research or project-related investigations and consulting,

we would be happy to submit a non-binding offer to you. 


Whole genome sequencing:

We offer sequencing of fungal and bacterial genomes from cell to raw data and to complete genome annotation. 

Whole transcriptome sequencing:

We offer sequencing of transcriptomes from RNA to complete annotation.


We offer sequencing of metagenomes especially for material sciences and cultural heritage studies.


We offer the analysis of sequencing data by different pipelines (genome and transcriptome annotation, functional annotation)


Depending on the demands of your project, we can carry out the whole workflow from sample to analysis or start with DNA/RNA or a Proton suitable library provided by you. You may use the output sequencing data (FastQ) or use our bioinformatic services.



Genomics / Transcriptomics: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Katja Sterflinger (

Metagenomics / Amplicon seq: Dr. Guadalupe Piñar (